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We are Las Vegas premier incorporated entertainment production company. Licensed and insured in good standing since 2000. Specializing in every aspect of entertainment imaginable. From celebrity impersonators, dance bands, tribute bands, show girls, photographers, disc jocky’s, mc’s, singers, dancers, sound and more!

About the owner

Gary Anthony has spent most of his life in show business as an mc, actor, comedian, musician (trumpet & bass guitar) a singer in clubs, stage, studio recordings, sound engineer, television productions, singing all styles of music and is recognized as the premier Frank Sinatra tribute artist. He performs all over the world and embodies Frank Sinatra so effortlessly that his audience feels the love, the passion, the story within the song. Every single performance proves that he is indeed doing what he loves.

Owner of major entertainment production, Inc. Stationed in Las Vegas since 2000, Gary Anthony has the experience of working worldwide along with Nevada state and local agencies, destination management companies, talent agencies, musicians, bands, dj’s, booking worldwide for fortune 500 – 1000 corporate company’s, charity organizations, casino’s, weddings, parties, hotel banquets, international magazines, news and more!

Major Entertainment Production, Inc.

Gary’s story

As a child, I remember being mesmerized by the music, performers, singers, and bands of the earlier "GOLDEN ERA" as I called it, that was so intense for me that I literally missed the Beatle era of my generation. You see, my father was a director of big bands in the '50s & '60s. My father, a reed player during the end of WW2 then with Harry James, Jimmy Dorsey, etc. started me on this path of singing in my dad's band since I was 7. Who was my inspiration? Well, Frank Sinatra of course. I started listening to Frank from day one.

Little did I know this would lead to a path of an unthinkable dream later in life.

I remember as teenagers, my brother and I for hours would listen to Sinatra especially the album "Sinatra at the Sands" in which I thought was his best live performance and even though I was temporarily distracted by being in my family band "The Allen's" (BELOW) in the '70s, keeping up with what was current at the time, I still remained in showbiz, on stage, off stage, in front of the scene’s behind the scenes, went into other business but could not escape performing these songs, so, in the early 90’s the thought occurred to me, I didn't want to be 80 years old and miss this passion that has been haunting me for years. I packed up my bags and moved to Las Vegas to fulfill a dream. The dream was to keep the spirit alive and pass it onto the generation of today.



Anthony grew up in Los Angeles in a musical family headed by his father, a big-band director. Music came naturally to the third of 11 children. Anthony in his youth found himself traveling with his father around the country singing in his father's bands

On the right, Gary at 15 in dads band Denver, CO

After Denver, Gary's father made a pit stop in Las Vegas for the summer. Gary auditioned for a show along with his brother called "Vegas Beat '68" and for the first time got his professional stage performance impersonating Frank Sinatra, creating long time friendships with professional performers such as former "Miss Nevada" Sandy Kastel making the charts with her latest CD today.

Major Entertainment Production, Inc.

Some of the cast below

Major Entertainment Production, Inc.

And later at age 18, alongside three brothers formed a barbershop quartet
Tony, Ronny, Gary & Larry

Major Entertainment Production, Inc.
Major Entertainment Production, Inc.

That Started

A lifelong showbiz career and later joined by one of his sisters, Mitzi, became known and toured as The Allens. (The Allens name was picked by management). They topped the US musical charts in 1975 with the song "High Tide" written by The Osmonds and recorded at the Motown Studios.

THE ALLENS: youtube